Frequently Asked Questions

If you would like to take the MADD Victim Impact Panel class online, please review the enrollment process below:
  • To start the class, please visit
  • Once there, click the red button “Check Eligibility” to start the class.
    • Eligibility is automatically determined from the website based off distance to nearest MADD in-person VIP. If you click the red button “Check Eligibility” and you are not allowed access, make sure you allowed the sharing of your location with the site:
    • If this does not work, please contact for an enrollment override (please include your name, sentencing county and state). Please note, the MADD Online VIP class is not available to those sentenced in Arkansas and Oklahoma.
  • After you click the red button “Check Eligibility”, click “start a new panel”.
  • After you start the class, you should see the introduction page (make sure to read this page).
  • Once you complete each section, you will scroll down on the page and click the button “Next Page” (lower right) to continue.
  • At the end of the class, you will be provided a certificate of completion.

If you have questions, please contact us at

Once an account is created, all progress within the class is saved. Please note that if you attempt to make a new account when you already have an account, you may get a message of “error”. If this occurs, please attempt to sign in at

If you sign in at after making an account and do not see any enrolled classes, you may have missed the enrollment process. Please follow the details above or contact us at with your name, sentencing County, and State to be enrolled if you have problems with the process above. Your email will be answered during normal business hours (Monday through Friday between 8AM-6PM CST).

Please note, MADD does cannot guarantee acceptance of the Online version of the class. If your sentence requires an in person MADD class, please visit for class times and locations.

It is very important to us that you are satisfied with your purchase. Please contact our support team for assistance with technical troubleshooting prior to requesting a refund.

Online VIPs:

MADD does not issue refunds for online VIP registrations as a matter of policy. As an example, no refunds will be issued for:

  • Registrants who have started the online VIP course but not yet completed the course;
  • Registrants whose local jurisdiction does not accept the online VIP prior to registering for the course;
  • Failure to pass identity validation requirements;
  • Attempt to circumvent the online VIP requirements, including geo-fence restrictions (if applicable) and identity validation requirements;
  • Registrants who do not complete the course within twelve (12) months of registering for the course

Please note that this is not a comprehensive list of the situations where MADD will not issue a refund to a registrant. Please reach out to if you believe there was an error in the processing of your payment for the online VIP registration fee. Refund requests should be submitted in writing via email within 30 days of the registration transaction, along with an explanation of the refund reason. MADD will not consider refund requests that are initiated 31 days after the date of the registration transaction.

Yes, you will receive a certificate immediately upon completion of the MADD Victim Impact Panel class.
Please note, MADD Online Victim Impact Panel certificates are valid for up to 365 days upon course completion. Participants may visit their class account at to access a copy of their certificate during that time. Participants may also email to request a PDF copy. After 365 days, the participant will be required to retake the course in order to receive an updated certificate.

From the login page, you may log into your account to download your certificate of completion.

Completing the MADD Victim Impact Panel and obtaining a certificate is the sole responsibility of the participant. Participants MUST confirm the Online VIP will meet their court sanctions prior to enrollment and completion. Not all referral agencies will accept online classes; such as those referred from Arkansas or Oklahoma.

The course takes around 2 hours to complete. You may pause and come back to the class whenever you need to.

Registrants must have a web-cam or camera to take the course. Facial recognition software is used for compliance purposes. This class is mobile friendly.

The class does require a camera. The class can be completed on a cell phone, tablet, laptop or computer. You will need to allow the site access to your camera or you will not be able to continue the class. To review your settings, please visit Make sure to take your image in a brightly lit area and remove any hats/sunglasses. We also recommend using Chrome on a computer/Android and Safari on the Iphone/Mac.

If you continue to have issues, please call 800-426-6233 or email for support during normal business hours (M-F 8AM-6PM CST).

For technical issues, participants can call (702)-732-0214 for support during normal business hours.

Once an account is created, you can start and stop the course as you please. You can simply return to the Online VIP site or log in directly at

You can reset your password, if needed from the login page: If you reset your password and do not receive an email shortly after, please check your junk/spam box.

Las Clases de Panel de Impacto de Víctimas de MADD se llevan a cabo actualmente en línea, en cualquier momento.

  • Para comenzar la clase, visite
  • Una vez allí, haga clic en el botón rojo "verificar elegibilidad" para comenzar la clase.
  • A continuación, haga clic en "iniciar un nuevo panel".
  • Si hace clic en el botón rojo "iniciar un nuevo panel" y no se le permite el acceso.